Quarters Coverage Alignments

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There are some parts of the quarters coverage scheme that are universal, one difference you will see is where defenses line up their strong side curl-flat defender versus “two detached” formations.

A team like Michigan State that plays with mostly base personnel will use a linebacker to midpoint the #2 receiver and the end man on the line of scrimmage.

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Detroit Lions Gap Scheme Run Game

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The Lions have predominantly used a zone blocking scheme in the run game the past few years. But with the offensive line being upgraded with the rookie additions Larry Warford and LaAdrian Waddle, the Lions were effective with gap schemes in the run game in addition to zone.

The first gap scheme I’m going to show is counter trey. With new Lions offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi talking about how they will use a fullback next year, this is a formation and play you could see more of.

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Blitz Package versus the Oregon Spread

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After taking over as offensive coordinator in 2007, Chip Kelly built Oregon into one of the most prolific and productive offensive units in the country. Under first year head coach Mark Helfrich, the trend of explosive offense has continued. Very few defenses have had consistent success against Oregon, but below are some All-22 cutups of common blitzes against the Oregon spread offense.

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Clarkston Offensive Preview

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Starting in 2014 my alma mater Macomb Dakota has scheduled a week 1 home and home series with the defending MHSAA division 1 state champions, the Clarkston Wolves. Over the years these two programs have met three times in the playoffs with Clarkston holding a 2-1 edge overall. I’m going to take a look at film from the 2013 season and show some of the base offensive concepts from the Wolves balanced attack.

Run Game

The Wolves running game all ran off it’s staple play, mid-outside zone. Their offensive line does a great job of reach stepping at a 45 degree angle and then allowing the back to read the hole and explode upfield.

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 8.57.29 AM

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Attacking Defenses with Double Moves

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Attacking defenses with double moves can be effective tool for offenses versus single high or split safety looks. While the double move is just a route, it can be a devastating feature when tied into a concept that is already a part of the offense.

The first double move route I’m going to show is the stick nod. Stick routes are in every NFL offensive playbook, and some west coast teams have an entire concept tied in with Y stick. Here is an example of stick routes out of a 12 personnel ace formation.

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 9.32.35 PM

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