Pin & Pull Zone Run Concept

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The pin & pull zone blocking scheme is a wrinkle you can add to your zone scheme to get additional blockers at the point of attack. Below you can see the pin & pull blocking scheme versus an under front. The concept is used to free up the guards to pull and block the safety (front side guard) with force responsibility and shore up the edge at the point of attack (back side guard). Just like any outside zone play, the reach blocks are what will make or break the play and free up the guards. The left tackle must reach or cut off the 3 technique, the center must reach the shade nose, the right tackle reaches the 5 technique, and the tight end reaches the 9 tech defensive end. This zone play is run with motion across the formation from the H-back who blocks down on the Mike linebacker. The right guard will pull and look inside once he clears the tight end to pick up any scraping linebacker or defensive lineman, if nothing shows, he turns it up and blocks the strong safety. The left guard pulls and needs to pick up the first color that shows. The left guard can double and help if any of the front side players lose on their reach blocks or to account for any run through by the Mike linebacker. Just like the other play side guard, if no color shows the back side guard turns it up field to find work.

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All-22 Breakdown of Auburn’s Offense

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When most people think of the Auburn offense the first thing that comes to mind is “Hurry Up No Huddle.” While pace is a huge component of what makes Auburn’s offense so successful, the series/sequence philosophical approach is what makes this offense truly dangerous. Series play calling means that just about every play in Auburn’s offense sets up another play. Once the defense stops a play, it simply sets up the offensive counter off that play. At times it can be something as simple as just modifying a blocking scheme, which is where I’ll start the examples from my film study. On the second play of last year’s game versus Alabama , Auburn runs a zone read. Auburn motions one of the slot receivers across the formation on jet motion to arc block a second level defender.

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Quarters Coverage Alignments

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There are some parts of the quarters coverage scheme that are universal, one difference you will see is where defenses line up their strong side curl-flat defender versus “two detached” formations.

A team like Michigan State that plays with mostly base personnel will use a linebacker to midpoint the #2 receiver and the end man on the line of scrimmage.

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Detroit Lions Gap Scheme Run Game

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The Lions have predominantly used a zone blocking scheme in the run game the past few years. But with the offensive line being upgraded with the rookie additions Larry Warford and LaAdrian Waddle, the Lions were effective with gap schemes in the run game in addition to zone.

The first gap scheme I’m going to show is counter trey. With new Lions offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi talking about how they will use a fullback next year, this is a formation and play you could see more of.

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